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Floor Screed Mayoconcrete Floor

Preparation Prior to Installation

Base Preparation

All high spots and debris must be removed as these will impact on finished screed thicknesses.


Ensure that insulation is installed on a clean and even bed to prevent movement and rocking of boards which are to be butt jointed with staggered joints. If the substrate is particularly uneven, a slurry grout may be required.

Slip Sheets

Provide a polythene slip sheet (minimum 500g) over insulation. All joints must have 100mm laps and be thoroughly sealed with tape prior to installation of the heating system. We recommend the use of single wound polythene (to avoid creases) and 50mm packing tape. Ensure that all air pockets and voids are removed.

Perimeter Details

Provide insulation up stands to all perimeters. We recommend the use of rigid board insulation for cold bridging or 5/10mm polyethylene foam expansion strip to the full depth of the screed. Continue the slip sheet up the face of the up stand, secure with tape to form a watertight seal. Ensure that all junctions with walls and corner details are constructed neatly with the polythene installed fully into the angle leaving no air pockets or voids.

Fixing Pipework

Lay heating system as required ensuring that all pipework is mechanically fixed at 300mm centres. Please be aware that because of the density of the screed, heating systems will lift and 'float' if not adequately secured. We suggest the use of a proprietary fixing system for this purpose. All wet systems should be filled with water to increase density and help prevent lifting.

Holes for Builders Work

Ensure that all apertures are adequately sealed. Any form work required should be treated as an up stand and prepared as above.

Final Check

Upon completion of installation, inspect the whole system for tears / holes / damage etc and make good to ensure that the whole system remains watertight to receive liquid screed.

Floor Screed Installation

During installation of the floor screed and for three days thereafter, the surface of the screed must be protected from severe draughts. If windows have not already been fixed, clear polythene protection should be installed.

Floor Finishes

When cement based products are applied to the finished floor screed such as leveling compounds or adhesives, the screed must be primed with a suitable and compatible product as recommended by the flooring manufacturer.

In the event of any questions or concerns during preparation please contact Liam on 0872394110.



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